What does community based rehabilitation mean?

Community Based Rehabilitation is our outreach service providing healthcare to people with disabilities within the local community.

Jackie and Neema do their rounds in the Nymatongo Ward to bring care to people with disabilities.

Across Tanzania, people with disabilities face severe discrimination, denying them civil, cultural, political, social, and economic rights and leaving them vulnerable to neglect or abuse.

Our team raise awareness among families and the community on child health, nutrition and secondary diseases resulting from poor management of a disability. They also discuss the rights and needs of people with disabilities and inform families on how to best care for their loved ones living with disabilities.

Cedar Tanzania facilitates wheelchair to young boy in Nyamatongo Ward

Many people with disabilities cannot afford healthcare or find it too difficult to access due to environmental barriers and stigmatisation leading to social barriers. Providing support and healthcare allows us to mitigate the risks of secondary conditions developing.

By introducing occupational therapy we improve the wellbeing of people with disabilities and equip them to manage their disability more effectively at home and in the community.

In 2015, more than 2.7 million children under the age of 5 were estimated to experience stunted growth in Tanzania and more than 600,000 were suffering from acute malnutrition. This is even more prevalent among people with disabilities hence we are equipping them and their families with information on the role that good nutrition plays in managing disability.

One mosquito changed this family forever

Our outreach team consists of two medical officers who will drives via motorcycle to visit people with disabilities daily.

As part of the teams’ daily activities they identify and assess new patients as well as discuss the importance of quality medical care. Our team also provides locally manufactured assistive devices such as wheelchairs to people in need to improve their participation in community life more actively and independently.

Our staff at the health centre have been trained in health care provision for people with disabilities and the team also worked to equip the health centre to make it accessible for people with disabilities, ensuring that ramps were included in the building plans, that corridors were wide enough, and that toilets were easy to access. The design of the signage in the health centre also took into consideration the needs of PwDs.

All the building blocks for providing essential medical care to people with disabilities both onsite at our health centre and off site through our innovative outreach service were put in place in 2017, ready for the project to launch in early 2018 and we are pleased to see the programme continuing in 2019.

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