What does our cbr team do?

The CBR project aims to provide healthcare to people with disabilities (PwDs) within the local community. It also aims to increase knowledge and awareness of the rights and needs of people with disabilities and to educate families how to best care for family members living with disabilities.

The overall goal is that PwDs have access to quality health services, both onsite at the Kamanga Health Centre and offsite through an outreach service. As such, CBR works towards the improvement of medical care to PwDs in and around the Nyamatongo Ward.

Cedar Tanzania facilitates wheelchair to young boy in Nyamatongo Ward

As a part of the Kamanga Health Centre, the CBR project, in collaboration with CHAWATA (which stands for “The Disabled People’s Party of Tanzania”), undertook a survey  in 2017 to identify PwDs within Nyamatongo Ward.

As a result, 314 PwDs (167 males and 147 females) were registered in all 19 hamlets of the ward – a number that continues to increase.

To carry out the vital outreach work in more remote areas two motorbikes were bought. An occupational therapist who provides counselling, exercises, and guidance to the PwD’s and a Clinical Officer who provides medical care were both trained to ride them. 

Additionally, the health centre  staff have been trained in health care provision for PwDs.

To expand the project’s work on the educational and special needs of PwDs, Cedar Tanzania recruited a volunteer with a degree in education for children with special needs.

The Cedar Foundation Tanzania run a CBR project in the Nyamatongo Ward

CBR reaching children living with disabilities

The team also worked to equip the health centre to make it accessible for PwDs, ensuring that ramps were included in the building plans, that corridors were wide enough, and that toilets were easy to access. The design of the signage in the health centre also took into consideration the needs of PwDs.

All the building blocks for providing essential medical care to PwDs both onsite at our health centre and off site through an innovative outreach service were put in place in 2017, ready for the project to launch in early 2018 and we are pleased to see the programme continuing in 2019.

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