David's smile

David is six years old and is living in a village called Mzizi. The first time I saw David I was riding my CBR pikipiki (motorbike) from Kabagombe. I saw him at the side of the road as he was returning from school with his fellow classmates. I stopped the pikipiki and went over to talk to him because he had a severe case of a cleft nose. He directed me to where his house was located and the following day I went there to talk to his family. He lived only with his Bibi (grandmother).

By chance Sekou Toure hospital, in Mwanza, had sent me a letter, a few weeks previously, about an oversees organisation that was currently in Mwanza offering free operations for cleft lip and cleft nose cases, exactly like that of David’s. This was the best platform and opportunity of helping him. I informed David’s Bibi about this opportunity and she was happy and ready for David to have the operation. I did the necessary registrations with the hospital  and they were soon given a date for surgery, the beginning of April 2019. David was operated on successfully. The CBR outreach team has been visiting him regularly at his home to make sure that he is  healing properly by monitoring the swelling, keeping his wound clean and by providing pain killers to ease his pain.

The family is very happy with The Cedar Foundation and the CBR team for coordinating with Sekou Toure hospital for David’s free operation and for providing his after care. David smiles a lot more now. And what a lovely smile it is!  

(Patient’s name has been changed to protect their anonymity)