Holistic approach - no project stands alone.

Our projects contains four cornerstones:




Community and Empowerment of Women

We do not believe that an issue can be tackled in isolation and embrace a collaborative approach
— Mark O'Sullivan, Country Manager, Cedar Tanzania
Kamanga Health Centre entrance

KAMANga Health Centre

Kamanga Health Centre was built by Cedar Tanzania and is now running in public-private-partnership between Cedar Tanzania and Sengerema District Council.

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Community based rehabilitation

CBR is our health outreach programme - reaching out to people living in the ward but unable to come to Kamanga Health Centre to get treatment due to disability.

Our CBR team focuses on people with disabilities and on children that need special care.

SASA! 2016.JPG


SASA! is a community based programme seeking to eliminate power imbalances between men and women.


Football in action

Football in ACTion teaches children and teenagers through soccer about the importance of having a voice and sexual education/HIV.


clean kamanga

Clean Kamanga aims to increase access to clean water and improve sanitation and waste management practises in Kamanga.


Educational projects

Our educational projects will focus on the most vulnerable in the community, improving literacy and skills training.


entrepreneurial projects

Our Entrepreneurial projects aim to provide training on skills, basic business administration and new ways to use available resources..

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