Football in ACTion

Using football drills we teach teens in rural Tanzania about sexual health, HIV as well as respect, fairness and friendship.

Football and hiv

In 2018 we launched our first youth programme together with TackleAfrica. The programme is designed for adolescent boys and girls within the age range of about 12-18; reaching people before and as they become sexually active to ensure that they are fully informed and empowered to make safe decisions.  HIV is still the biggest killer of adolescents in Africa and remains a critical sexual and reproductive health priority.

The programme uses the power and popularity of football to deliver sexual health education to young people on the football pitch. Cedar Tanzania, together with TackleAfrica, train local coaches to use fun, interactive football drills with inbuilt health messaging with young people in their clubs and communities.

Ash Phillips talks about how Tackle Africa use football drills to explain life lessons about sexual health to the young people of Kamanga.

Football is a great way to engage with young people regularly – something that traditional health programmes and clinics often struggle to do.   It provides a platform for regular health education with a respected and informed coach, and creates a safe space for young people to discuss sensitive issues.  Our programmes improve understanding of key sexual health issues, give young people the skills and confidence to make safe decisions, and provide access to youth friendly services such as HIV testing and counselling.

As a result the programmes target HIV and related sexual and reproductive health rights issues – including contraception, family planning, gender-based violence (including FGM and child marriage) and girls’ empowerment.  Building resilience to HIV often requires an holistic approach that helps young people overcome challenges in their communities, and our programmes aim to give young people the tools to take control of their own sexual health.

Each drill contains a sexual health message that unfolds as they play. Drills are designed so that young people learn through play, in a way they enjoy, remember and understand. Through the messages in these drills, we educate and challenge young players to make safer decisions, limiting the impact of HIV in their families and communities.

Pilot programme 2018

In May-July 2018 we partnered with TackleAfrica to run a pilot programme in Kamanga culminating in a tournament at the stadium in Mwanza.

The short pilot also resulted in 49 teenagers knowing their HIV status and 95 participants receiving education in relationship power and sexual education.

Football in ACTion - 2019

Based on the success of the pilot run in 2018 Cedar Tanzania and TackleAfrica are starting a full yearly programme launching late 2019.

This programme will involve training of 20 local coaches in TackleAfrica’s special techniques and approaches and reach more than 400 teenagers through a whole years education and training.

All participants will be encouraged to know their HIV status, receive education in sexual health, respect and power in relationships, as well as promote fairness and friendship through football.

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