KAMANga health centre

In January 2018 we opened the doors for the first patients to Kamanga Health Centre. It was a big day for us and for the people in Kamanga and Nyamatongo Ward.

Cedar Tanzania is now running KHC in a Public-Private-Partnership with Sengerema District Council. This means KHC is a public hospital keeping the expenses for patients at the lowest level possible. We continue to have international doctors volunteering their expertise at KHC and thus ensuring quality care.

In the first 18 months since opening we have treated more than 16,000 patients and we are now averaging 2 births a day.

Prior to Kamanga Health Centre (KHC) there were no options for the people in Nyamatongo Ward to seek medical care in the area. The nearest places would be Sengerema - minimum one hour away on a dusty dirt road or with the ferry to Mwanza across Lake Victoria.

Cedar Tanzania worked hard in 2016 to obtain permissions, get architectural drawings, raise funds and develop a close working relationship with the local District Council in Sengerema. In 2017 we broke ground and construction took most of that year.

Groundbreaking and initial stages of KHC

Construction progress August 2017

Medical equipment was donated by Project Cure in the US and in January 2018 we proudly served the first patients from the Nyamatongo Ward. A visit from the Tanzanian Minister of Health and Community Development, Hon Ummy Mwalimu underlined our success.

The Opening Ceremony of Kamanga Health Centre 18th January 2018

On the 25th January 2018 Kamanga Health Centre welcomed its first patient! Watch how they got on!

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