How are ACT! and Cedar tanzania connected?

The Cedar Foundation Tanzania (Cedar Tanzania) is our sister organisation - a registered charity in Tanzania since 2014 working in the Nyamatongo Ward in North Western Tanzania.

Australia for Cedar Tanzania supports The Cedar Foundation Tanzania financially and by providing volunteers and advisors where necessary. All funds raised by Australia for Cedar Tanzania will be going towards projects carried out by Cedar Tanzania.

The Cedar Foundation Tanzania works to improve and run health services, to educate, to empower women and vulnerable groups and to increase entrepreneurial opportunities.

The Cedar Foundation Tanzania has already successfully constructed a health centre in Kamanga - prior to this there were no similar health facilities in the ward.

In addition to the health centre several other projects are ongoing.

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We envisage Tanzanian communities that are thriving, free from suffering and injustice.



Our mission is to help communities help themselves across multiple sectors ranging from health and education to the empowerment of women and entrepreneurship. We do not believe that an issue can be tackled in isolation and we embrace collaboration. We believe that the community should be empowered from the bottom-up in order to bring about sustainable, lasting change.

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We are an innovative organisation that believes in the following values:

Respect for our colleagues, for the communities we work in and for our environment, believing that everyone has something to contribute.

Safety - people’s right to be safe, to live a life free from violence and to have access to healthcare.

Equality - where everyone enjoys the same rights and has access to opportunities to fulfill their potential.

Partnerships - with people, communities and other organisations to facilitate holistic, innovative solution and high quality results.

Forgiveness - for all, believing that people should not be judged on past actions and that we have a right to be given a new start.

Integrity - where we work with openness and honesty and apply our values to all facets of our work.

We believe everybody belongs and deserves love and respect, and that anyone can have a new start in communities where people can live a full life, free from fear, and with the hope of reaching their full potential.
— Mark O'Sullivan, Country Director, The Cedar Foundation Tanzania

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